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Government say: “Let workers vape in the office”

Friday, 21st July 2017

According to a new Government plan to combat smoking, ministers have suggested that people should be allowed to vape in the office, and enclosed public spaces, in order to encourage vaping rather than smoking tobacco products. The Government have announced that they intend to implement a “smoke free generation”, with a series of new targets set to […]

Will Success Escape Those Who Smoke?

Thursday, 20th July 2017

Per a report by NHS Digital (2017), the price of tobacco has increased by 90% in the last 10 years and subsequently tobacco has become 27% less affordable. However, this hasn’t stopped Brits across the country from purchasing cigarettes, as 2.4 million people continue to light up. Yet, it appears smoking may cost an individual […]

Despite steady decline, British children still fall prey to the lure of cigarettes

Thursday, 06th July 2017

Over the past few years, UK smoking rates have lowered across the board and today they continue to fall. Currently, 15.5% of adults in England smoke; down from 16.9% in 2015. However, smoking cigarettes retains prominence in several regions across the UK and affects people from all walks of life – including children. NEW DATA […]

What do office workers think about smoking?

Thursday, 29th June 2017

Most office-based employers, regardless of their stature and industry, have a number of workers who smoke. Their tendency to smoke may be used as a coping mechanism to handle work-related stress and pressures. Many employers therefore willingly allow workers who smoke to do so whenever they get the urge. Whilst it may seem like a […]

Number of deaths attributable to smoking in the UK

Friday, 23rd June 2017

Analysis of ‘Statistics on Smoking: England (2017)’ reveals the number of deaths attributable to smoking in different towns/cities across the UK, per 100,000 of the local population. Overall, their figures showed that there were an estimated 79,100 deaths attributable to smoking in in 2015. Of those deaths: 54% were cancer-related (lung, cervical, bladder cancer etc), […]

New Vapourlites Website Launches

Thursday, 08th June 2017

Welcome to the brand-new launch of Vapourlites, providing you with the highest quality e-cigarettes and e-liquids, made here in the UK. From high quality mods and coils to kick-start your switch from smoking to vaping, our new website will be an easy way of navigating your switch, to best cater your needs. And what’s more, […]

E-cigarettes have helped 1.5million quit smoking

Monday, 08th May 2017

For the first time ever, e-cigarettes has helped 1.5million vapers quit smoking, compared to 1.3million people who still smoke traditional tobacco.

How effective is standardised plain packaging likely to be?

Tuesday, 02nd May 2017

One of the biggest restrictions from the directive includes ensuring all manufactures cigarettes have standardised plain packaging. How Effective Is Standardised Plain Packaging Likely To Be?

New data assesses smoking habits across US states

Wednesday, 19th April 2017

Vapourlites has mapped the smoking habits across US states, finding 5 out of the top 10 highest smoking states are in the top 10 for cancer deaths.

Time to Embrace the Tobacco Products Directive Which Comes Into Effect May 2017

Thursday, 13th April 2017

21 May 2017 is the official start date for new restrictions which are to be enforced on tobacco products.The directive is to come into full effect alongside the eagerly anticipated Standardised Packaging of Tobacco Product Regulations 2015.

The Vaping Boom: Which UK Cities Are Endorsing the E-Cigarette Industry?

Wednesday, 22nd March 2017

New research by Vapourlites has found the UK cities endorsing the e-cigarette industry, including London, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

British American Tobacco Predicts The Future Health Benefits of E-cigarettes

Tuesday, 21st March 2017

British American Tobacco, has developed a predictive model that assess the possible future health benefits of e-cigarettes, as an alternative to smoking.

Predicted Prevalence of Tobacco Smoking Across Europe In 2020

Monday, 06th March 2017

Analysing WHO data illustrates the findings collected in regards to the predicted rates of smoking prevalence of tobacco amongst European men and women in 2020

Ditch or Switch: National No Smoking Day 8th March

Thursday, 02nd March 2017

Action on Smoking and Health, has released their latest press release in advance of No Smoking Day which is taking place next Wednesday 8 March, stipulating their ‘Ditch or Switch’ campaign.

How To Avoid Cigarettes On National No Smoking Day

Tuesday, 21st February 2017

With ‘National No Smoking Day’ fast-approaching on the 8th of March, has produced a guide as to how you can avoid the urge to smoke.

8 Gruesome Facts About Cigarettes

Thursday, 09th February 2017

New evidence shows that vaping can help you quit smoking. We’ve compiled some foul facts to ensure you stay strong and keep off the fags.

Vaping is far safer than smoking after study reveals e-cigarette users have less carcinogens

Tuesday, 07th February 2017

A new study conducted by scientists at the University College London has indicated that e-cigarettes are far less toxic and therefore inherently safer to use than smoking a traditional cigarette.

More Than Just a Trend: Vaping in 2017

Friday, 20th January 2017

Vaping in 2017 has transformed into much more than a simple substitute for smoking. It’s now a developing culture that is alive and expanding by the second.