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5 Shocking Myths About Vaping Debunked

Thursday, 6 March 2014  |  Admin

With the ever increasing popularity of e-cigarettes and the almost exponential trend of smokers making the switch from tobacco, it seems that the word 'vaping' is with us to stay (it's only a matter of time before it's included in the OED).  In fact I would go as far as to say I would be surprised if I was to meet somebody in the UK that hadn't at least heard of an e-cig even if they may not have actually seen one in action.

Unfortunately, alongside the huge public acclaim has come a tide of misinformation, scaremongering, junk science and unjustified condemnation for what are a genuine game changer for millions of nicotine addicts all over the world.

We've all got our theories as to how so many lies and twists of the truth are being propagated in the media (Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, loss of revenue and tax money, and so on), but with so many mis-truths about vaping doing the rounds at the moment we feel it is important to get the truth out there and put some of these to bed once and for all.

So, we have created the following infographic as an attempt to tackle 5 of the most common vaping myths we've heard so many times from so many sources.  Please share this infographic with as many people as you can and help spread the truth. 




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