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Vapourlites eLiquid Recipes - Number 5

Wednesday, 3 December 2014  |  Admin

In this fifth edition of Vapourlites’ E-Liquid Recipe blogs, there’s a couple of old favourites including one flavour combo which has haunted me since my youth, and another I’ve always loved but cannot bring myself to enjoy in any other form but vaping. There’s also a little tip for fans of the VY4 flavour from the Pharma+ range, as well as a fruity concoction which might just be my favourite fruity concoction of the whole bunch. Don’t forget to get in touch with us with your own flavour combos, as we’d love to hear what juicy cocktails you’ve created yourself. If we haven’t already, then we’ll probably include them in future editions of these recipe blogs too!

1. Cherry Cola Flavour

While I can’t claim to be overly enamoured with fizzy drinks in general, considering that they’re hardly the healthiest things in the world, it can’t be denied that there are a few flavours out there which are truly tasty. Cherry Cola is one of them, but I haven’t tasted it for years due to it being just too sickly in carbonated drink form. However, in vapour form, it is a flavour I can once again indulge in. Mix some Very Cherry flavoured juice with the sparkle of Fizzberry flavour to recreate the Cherry Cola taste in your vape.


Very Cherry E-Liquid
Fizzberry E-Liquid

Recommended Mix:  50% Very Cherry + 50% Fizzberry 

2. Tobaccomel Flavour

VY4 is a popular e-liquid as it’s a tobacco flavour with a hint of caramel. However, sometimes a hint just isn’t enough. And that’s where Chocomel comes in. Mixing in just a small amount of the chocolate and caramel juice massively accentuates the caramel tones of the VY4. The tobacco flavour still dominates on the inhale, but the caramel layers really come alive on the exhale.


VY4 E-Liquid
Chocomel E-Liquid

Recommended Mix:  80-90% VY4 + 10-20% Chocomel

3. Sweet Fruit Overload Flavour

There are so many wonderful fruit flavours in the Vapourlites Pharma+ e-liquid range that the fun to be had mixing them all up is practically never ending. I discovered this recipe accidentally during an attempt to try all the fruit flavours at once, but once I tasted these three together, I knew I had one that had to shared on these E-Liquid Recipe blogs. The cherry and the strawberry flavours are both very sweet, but approach your taste buds from different directions - a bit like hearing the same musical note played in different octaves. Meanwhile, the creamier banana layers weave in and out of the sweet berries to overload your senses with fruity sweet sensations.


Banana Split E-Liquid
Very Cherry E-Liquid
Strawberry E-Liquid

Recommended Mix:  30-40% Very Cherry + 30-40% Strawberry + 30-40% Banana Split

4. Toffee Apple Flavour

I never quite saw the point of toffee apples when I was younger. If you want an apple, then have an apple, and if you want a toffee then just have a toffee. How is that difficult for everybody to understand? Of course, my older self has since discovered the beauty of contrasting flavours and textures complementing each other, and I can no longer deny that there is indeed wisdom behind the pairing of apples with the likes of chocolate and caramel. Mix a little more apple flavour e-liquid with the Chocomel flavour to recreate the famous fairground treat in your vape and you won’t be disappointed.


Apple E-Liquid
Chocomel E-Liquid

Recommended Mix:  60-70% Apple + 30-40% Chocomel

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